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Daily Report 2010

Start since 4.29.2010


29th review SAT2/study ordinary differential equations/Heroes III with labadi

30th reviewSAT2/pretest: Chem 800(76/85) Math800(44/50)  Phys770(61/75)


1st SAT2/800+800+800

2nd Mountain Climbing/Avatar/Great Expectations/Thesis

3rd Great Expectations/Heroes III/Edit midi

4th Great Expectations/LaTeX

5th Great Expectations/Lost s6e14/OG/SAT vocabulary

6th Discuss math projects/Great Expectations done/OG

7th Brave New World/OG

8th Brave New World/OG/Make research program/Learn LaTeX and make the fisrt document

9th Learn LaTeX/OG/

10th OG/Preparing for Top Tenth/Brave New World

11th OG/Preparing for Top Tenth/Brave New World

12th OG/Preparing for Top Tenth/judge for Unit 5/discuss the thesis

13th OG/Preliminary round/judge for Unit 8

14th OG/Brave New World done

15th OG/Far From the Madding Crowd/Thesis

16th OG/Far From the Madding Crowd/Thesis/Research Project

17th OG/Thesis

18th OG No.5/Thesis

19th OG/Thesis/School Math Competition

20th OG/recollect simulative test/Thesis

21st~31st OG No.1~No.8/collect new words/Quarter-Final of Top 10: 1th/Far From the Madding Crowd done/Compose the beginning score of Top 10


1st~3rd preparing for SAT

4th preparing for SAT/21st anniversary: remembrance

5th SAT Reasoning Test/580+800+530

6th Review Politics

7th Review Geography

8th Review History

9th Academic Level Assessment Test-so easy/But terrible/AAB

10th Recover OI-AC 3 problems/Learn SAP/Review Hungary Algorithm

11th AC 3 problems/Learn Binary Arrays

12th AC 3 problems/Learn rectangular cut, ST algorithm for RMQ problem

13th AC 2 problems/Learn 2-Dimensional Binary Arrays, Merge Tree

14th AC 1 problem/Learn Tarjan Algorithm, SBT

15th AC 5 problems/Practice Net Flow Graph Constructing

16th AC 2 problems/Practice Net Flow Graph Constructing/Accompaniment of Top 10

17th AC 1 problem/Prepare for Top 10/Practice States Compression DP

18th AC 2 problems/Rehearsal of Top 10/

19th Top 10/Third Prize

……….Fighting for OI


2nd~6th GDOI/Day1 74/ Day2 66/ Day 3 34 Total 174 Rank 27 Third Prize

……….Continue Fighting for OI:NOI problems, poj..

22nd: Start working on 24 problems in Linear Programming and Net Flow

..25th:24 problems in Linear Programming and Net Flow done

25th~27th: work on graph problems, review Splay, work on cash

28th: review binary arrays, RMQ, LCA, conduction of quadrilateral inequality, decision monotonicity, refinement of SAP

……..~August 6th NOI @ Shandong 334 Copper


7th~22th Attend in SAT class/ work on math thesis

23th~ Prepare for TOEFL/ work on math thesis


17th The death of my friend

18th TOEFL test(29+26+23+28=106)

19th~ Prepare for SAT/ work on math thesis

30th submit final version of thesis


1st~3rd Prepare for SAT/ memorize Barron 3500& high frequency 3500/ test\LaTeX in wordpress

4th~8th Prepare for SAT

9th SAT@Hongkong / Composed score R670 M800 W 760 / Review Calculus & learn mathematical analysis

10th~11th Reviewing Mathematical Analysis

12th CMC

13th Wrote essays

14th~15th returned school; wrote essays

16th NOIP preliminary contest, 81

17th National Mathematics Olympics

18th~19th essays, recommendations and materials

20th~22nd essays, prepare for make-up examination

23rd~24th make-up examination, essays, translation, Barron 3500

25th Teacher Evaluation, essays, translation, Barron 3500

26th essays, Barron 3500, Probability Theory

27th essays, Barron 3500, Probability Theory

28th SAT scores available, essays, Barron 3500, Probability Theory, make-up examination scores

29th send all materials, Barron 3500, Probability Theory

30th consider whether take SAT again, Barron 3500, OC-01, collect all required essays

31th consider whether take SAT again, OC-02 (680)

……..SAT Test & TOEFL & University Application/ Nov. SAT terrible / TOEFL 110 (R29+L28+S24+W29) / Recording & submit art materials / essays


24th Back again / Working on MIT InvenTeam / Reading: Stalin & Hitler Parrellel Lives / Number Theory / Merry Christmas!

25th Reading: Stalin & Hitler Parellel Lives / Mathematical Analysis Problems / essays

26th Reading: Stalin & Hitler Parellel Lives / Mathematical Analysis Problems

…..Work on essays / Stalin & Hitler Parellel Lives / Mathematical Analysis Problems

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